Sunday, November 15, 2009

Video Game Dances

Jus for fun!! My friend Carl made this hilarious vid, and whenever I'm in a bad mood I watch this vid on repeat and laugh my head off!! Enjoy :)

PS. I haven't posted in a long time. Sorry! life at school has been crazy!! I broke my "new hp" (re last post) within two weeks. The thing was a piece of cr*p.  and I've been working on all kids of hand me down computers taht I mashed together til I finally saved up enuf to get my new 2009 27" imac which is so beautiful I named it. hehe! Ya! I love it that much.


pix from PP trip to england

In 2007 we went to England to premiere ep 15. I had such a gr8t time, and although I made a post about it on my myspace I wanted to share it with you here!

Fo all those who came out, thanks you!! And we hope to see you again soon!
Keep checking the site for more details :)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I got a new hp


So as embarassed as I am to admit my complete noobishness, I have a confession to make. I used to be the unproud owner of a sotec laptop of the jurassic era. I got it 4 years ago and just kinda used it for school and stuff cuz it was easy to take to class and whatever. NEways.. it is so old and clunky that I should have just thrown it out, but instead I asked if Jeremy would come over and help me fix it because I didn't know what was wrong with it.
He came over, took one look at it and just about walked out the door, but I stopped him and pleaded him to help me. So after a lot of convincing he agreed to help, but we still couldn't get the thing to connect to internet, or even stay on for more than 35 minutes at a time. At first Jer laughed at it, then he just started to get mad, and just before he got so frustrated with it that he kicked his foot through it I promised him that I would go and get a new one.

So I went out to a Best Buy and was looking at all the new models because there are some incredible deals and I found this l33t hp that is pretty, and shiny and beautiful!! So I asked to buy it and the guy was like, "You look really familiar... are you Anastasia from Pure Pwnage?" and I got all embarassed because I was just out with my mom and stuff... and sometimes I get embarassed when I don't expect people to know who I am. And then I met a couple of other guys who worked there who were also fans of the show and they said that we were doing great work and stuff on the show.
NEways, I guess I just wanted Jeremy to know that I FINALLY got a new laptop, and now we can get all "Office Space" on my old one with a baseball bat and some rap music in the middle of a field... but I also wanted to thank the very helpful and wonderful team of sales reps at Best Buy for helping me get a new computer! It was the best help a girl could ask for :) A special thank you to Mike who was our sales rep. :D

k! Love you all.
kthnx bye!


Friday, January 26, 2007

So Since I can't keep Jer's gift

Hi!! ;)
So I have been bugging my parents like CRAZY to get a puppy after they wouldn't let me keep Dick. I was really upset and I didn't want to hurt Jeremy's feelings that I had to give away the doggie he gave me but its probably for the better. (I think I lost Dick, because I have no idea where he went!!) Jeremy I really hope you don't read this blog :) LOL
Okay, but anyways, it is bad enough that I lost the first anniversary gift he ever gave me, and I really started to like dogs after I saw Dick... so I kept begging and begging my parents to get one.
And... they did!! I have a new puppy! Its a little chocolate lab! I decided to call him Richard in memory of Dick. LOL so for short I call him Little Richard.... me= noob

Oh and Danoli3 sent me b3rg's photoshop of an old <3 T-shirt from the Noobstore shoot so I wanted to post it. You've got mad skillz b3rg. Thank you ;)

Hope everyone had a great holidays!
Love T4g1 <3<3<3

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Emergency Update!!

Hey! Thank you to all of my friends and fellow gamers who've totally sent msgs to my email reminding to UPDATE! Well, You're right! I need to update!

I also want to thank those who posted advice (even the noobish ones) because a lot of you were onto something... Luckily things worked out in the end since Jer came to my house and finally told me how he felt. Since then it has been awesome to hang out and get to meet his friends both online and off. It does take some adjusting though, especially since we are spending a lot of time together. I think that it is really hard for Doug too, because I notice that he's not coming over as much anymore. But the other day was really fun!! We just finished a raid on Frostmane and decided to go and rent "Goodfellas" , but eventually we had to turn it off because Kyle was quoting all the lines and you could hardly hear a word of the movie!
It was still a good time tho ;)

Anyways! Thanks! And I hope that you enjoy Ep 12~
Live, Laugh, Game


Tagi <3 x3

PS. I can't wait to go and see BORAT!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

How do u /tell in RL?


Wow! I've been away from my blog for so long omg!!.. Things have been so busy with trying to get AQ opened and all.. and having a LAZY SERVER!! omg!! ^_^

I've been trying to get Jeremy to talk to me after I saw him on the street that day.. Its crazy!.. I had to call Kyle's gf to get his number and then when I call him he never answers!! =/.. I wish he knew how I really felt!.. That guy that he saw me with (whos just this guy that askd me out @ my cousin's wedding) is such a big douchebag.. I h8 him omg!!.. I tried to brush off that macho jerk so many times but he never got the f'ing clue!!..

Things have just gotten so out of control and I don't know how to fix them =/.. The only thing that keeps me going (and takes my mind off Jeremy) is farming BWL w/ my guild.. I remember thinking Nef was tough lol.. now I find myself swapping in grey gear just to make it last a little longer.. My cousin practically had to lure me out of my room the other day to go shopping because she said that I was turning into a hermit.. lol! wtf!?.. I am so far from a hermit, but whateve!!.. Talking about it right now makes me kinda sad, so I think I'm gonna put on some Constantines and log on and see whats up.. Maybe there's a dragon up somewhere?.. Oh and thks to all the hotties that are posting on the blog and sending a msg to my gmail ^_^.. Sorry for not posting more, but I've been trying to figure out what I am going to do about Jeremy.. Any suggestions?

Luv and hugz!!

<3<3<3 Tagi

Monday, October 03, 2005

/blog ^_^

Hi all!! *hugz*

Last week wuz my cousins wedding and it wuz awesome omg <3!!.. She wuz so beautiful in her dress!!.. I kept thinking 'Wow I wish 300 tailors could make that omg!!' lol.. it wuz a really fun day.. makes me wish it wuz me up there tho!! hehe ^_^.. I get wedding invites all the time in WoW but something is just more special about RL weddings I guess lol.. They mean more..

I got 2 see lots of old friends!! I forgot what it wuz like 2 be out with lots of friends having fun omg <3!! I guess cause of EQ and WoW and stuff I havent seen them in a really long time hehe.. one of them even thought I died omg lol!! ^_^.. she wuz really scared when she 1st saw me rofl!!.. Im gonna go out with them next week again and its gonna be a blast!!.. its nice to play in RL again hehe.. reminds me of life before I dropped into Toxxulia forrest for the 1st time lolol ^_^..

I havent seen Jeremy in a long time =/.. doug and him went 2 this lan party thing and I guess some weird stuff happened.. they told me b4 that they were gonna pwn the CS tourney there and for the finals borrow some n00bs comps and play each other with parts of their body I won't mention rofl.. but i guess some pro showed up and doug got sick or something while playing and they didnt get 2.. Doug and Jeremy are both kinda wierd since then.. id know more if Jeremy would actually CALL ME omg!!.. u would swear he doesnt know how 2 use a phone!!.. omg its annoying.. he always like 'im busy' but im starting 2 think he just really doesnt care about me =/.. every now and then he'll show up in GW really late @ night when every1 else is sleeping but even then he doesnt say much.. he just wants to pvp and not chat i guess =/.. oh well with 1.8 coming soon I have enough happy stuff to keep my mind on!!

Newayz I should get back 2 WoW now.. my guild is fighting Ragnaros as I type this and I'm MT.. this stuff is so easy now lol..

baibai!! heheh ^_^

Sunday, July 24, 2005

I h8 titles lol!!

Hi! ^_^

Sorry its been so long since my last post omg!! Life has been pretty busy with Jeremy being sick and patch 1.6 and all. I'm so happy he's healthy again!! I even stopped playing WoW for a while and played some GW cause Jeremy (omg <3!!) tells me I should play lots of games to learn as much as possible for some big thing coming up that he doesn't really ever want to talk about lol.. but that's ok cause he's so cute rofl!! ^_^ But my guild is just too n00b without my help in Blackwing Lair so I had to go back to WoW lol!!

But I don't get to see Jeremy too much nemore tbh =/.. he's always busy 'training' or something that doesn't sound like very much fun lol so I just kinda do my own thing!! My cousin's wedding is coming up too yay!! I get to be a bridesmaid and that should be really fun to roleplay irl!! (I can pretend it's me and Jeremy hehehe ^_^) I want to spend more time with him but he's always telling me 'some things are really important right now' and I like to think that 'Hey I'm pretty important too!!' but I guess I just need to make him feel that way too!! lol ^_^

Neways I need to get back to WoW!!

Lotsa Luv!! <3<3<3<3<3!!